Psych-educational Assessment (Learning and Ability)

Headstart offers cognitive (IQ) testing to assess overall intellectual ability.  This can be helpful in identifying an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and describing their overall learning profile.

Headstart psychologists provide psycho-educational assessments to identify specific issues around learning.  A psycho-educational assessment involves of a cognitive ability assessment followed by a test of academic abilities or school-based skills. 

Skills that are assessed include verbal reasoning and understanding, visuo-spatial abilities, fluid reasoning or logical thinking, working memory (visual and auditory) and speed in processing visual information.  All of these skills are thought to underpin learning.  The second part of the assessment is to determine if one’s academic skills are at a level that might be expected for their age and cognitive skills.  This part of the assessment measures achievement in areas such as reading and comprehension, mathematics, writing, spelling and oral language. 

Following the assessment, you will receive a detailed report.  Describing the clients individual pattern of abilities and provided with personalised recommendations for supporting area of difficulty, enhancing areas of strength and optimising learning.  Testing is conducted over a 3- hour session, which can be broken into two separate appointments.