Allied Health Assistant

What does an Allied Health Assistant (AHA) do?

An AHA works under supervision of a multi-disciplinary team. An AHA can directly and indirectly support an allied health program. In this case, a speech pathology program created by your speech pathologist.

An AHA (speech) supports the development of speech and communication skills under the direction of a certified practising speech pathologist.  They can also provide support in dysphagia management and assist and support the use of augmentative and alternative communication systems.

AHA’s at Headstart can only provide services referred by Speech Pathologists employed by Headstart.

What an Allied Health Assistant cannot do:

An AHA cannot conduct assessments, differentiate diagnosis, conduct clinical problem solving or plan therapy. A therapy assistant cannot discharge a client from therapy.

Where can an Allied Health Assistant help you?

You can come into the Headstart clinic to see the AHA. Sometimes, where available and depending on the location of the school, an AHA may also visit clients there. The AHA will be able to help you practice your speech program provided to you by your speech pathologist.

Level of training:

Certificate IV- Allied Health Assistance (Speech Pathology)
Training has been conducted through a Registered Training Organisation.