Behavioural Therapy

At Headstart we offer individualized and tailored behaviour therapy and strategies that can help caregivers and educators understand a child’s behaviour and give them confidence in knowing how to respond to and manage problematic behaviours. 

Headstart aims to empower caregivers by helping them understand problematic behaviour as well as teaching them strategies that are evidence-based and effective in managing difficult or problematic behaviours. This is done whilst still encouraging positive behaviour learning paradigms and ensuring a healthy parent-child connection and relationship is maintained. We aim to: 

  • Understand and analyse the problematic behaviour i.e. why is this behaviour occurring, what are the triggers;
  • Develop caregiver’s confidence and “toolbox” in knowing how to respond or approach problematic behaviour effectively;
  • Address ways we can empower the child to better understand their own behaviour and/or looking at skill development which may be helpful in reducing problematic behaviour; 
  • Maintaining or strengthening a positive parent-child connection/relationship;
  • Teaching and promoting positive behaviour practices

When needed, providing support and strategies across contexts e.g. at school. Headstart can offer school visits to assist educators in managing difficult behaviours experienced within the school environment in a collaborate way with teachers