Language is the way that children understand and use words. Language can be broken into receptive (understanding of) and expressive (use of language). If your child has difficulty understanding what is said to them, following directions, putting together grammatically correct sentences, or has a limited vocabulary, they may be experiencing difficulties with language. A comprehensive language assessment can be completed to outline specific areas of difficulty, and an individualised intervention plan will target development in these areas.

 Therapy for language is diverse, and language programs are wholistic and individually tailored based on a child's skills in the areas of grammar, word structure, sentence structure, vocab, concepts, and following directions. Language programs extend to include pragmatic aspects of communication e.g. ability to answer different question types, and to use language to interact with others. Therapy is modelled along a continuum, whereby awareness of language and its use progresses to receptive understanding of language, and finally to expressive use of language.

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