Handwriting Assessments (OT)

Handwriting is an important ability for children as they continue with their education and life. The skill of handwriting is used throughout children’s school day to express their knowledge and thoughts. It is how children are scored, marked and assessed in the school environment. Some children may have difficulties in their performance due to fine motor, gross motor, processing, attention or other factors. A handwriting assessment can be useful to determine strengths, weaknesses and factors to work on.

Those who may have difficulty with handwriting may show signs of:

  • Poor legibility of handwriting
  • Writing letters or numbers backwards
  • Difficulty writing on the line
  • Not leaving spacing between words
  • Poor endurance for handwriting tasks
  • Slow writing speed
  • Large or small letter sizing
  • Poor pencil grip
  • Teachers report difficulty with handwriting tasks

Handwriting assessments may include interviews and observations of the handwriting skills.

Reports can provide recommendations to assist children reach their potential with handwriting in home and in the school environment.

Associated Therapies