Learning / Ability Assessment

Headstart offers cognitive (IQ) testing to assess your child’s overall intellectual functioning. This can be helpful in identifying your child’s strengths and weaknesses and overall learning profile.

Skills that are assessed include verbal reasoning and comprehension, nonverbal reasoning abilities, working memory (processing auditory information) and processing speed (processing visual information).

Additionally, if your child is having academic difficulties at school and concerns have been raised around a possible learning disorder Headstart are also able to offer learning assessments. A cognitive assessment will firstly be conducted (as outlined above) followed by a learning assessment. This is able to assess your child’s achievement in academic based skills such as reading and comprehension, maths, writing, spelling and oral language. Such testing enables a Psychologist to assess your child’s current level of academic achievement and if they are achieving to the best of their ability. This also enables any potential learning disorders to be identified. Testing is conducted over a 3 hour session, which can be broken into two separate appointments.